Transdermal Sports Rollerball Case

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The Sport Rollerball is a highly effective solution designed to provide targeted relief to sore muscles and joints. Infused with menthol for a cooling effect that helps to ease discomfort, this rollerball features a blend oils that work to penetrate deep and offer rapid relief. The rollerball design allows for easy and precise application, making it an excellent choice for athletes and fitness enthusiasts seeking quick, targeted relief from muscle soreness and tension. With a fast-acting formula and convenient packaging, the Sports Rollerball is a great addition to any workout or recovery routine.

Progressive Nature's white-label offering ensures that you can put your own branding on the label of this high-quality product and offer your customers a trusted and effective solution for muscle and joint relief.

 75ml Contains 2,000mg of CBD * Does not contain THC

*Priced by Case Pack (48 units per case) MSRP per unit $62.95

*Shipping added to order invoice.


Emu Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Menthol, American Grown Pure CBD, Proprietary Organic Blend of Essential Oils.



Intended for external use only. Massage into the affected area, and repeat as needed. Avoid using it around the eyes or on broken skin, as menthol may cause mild irritation.


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